Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tender Mercies

I really am trying to write more... but time just gets away from me so fast. The last time I wrote I wrote about my experience with the spirit telling me to visit my grandparents. I couldn't have known what a tender mercy it was until two weeks later..on Feb. 6th I got a call from my mom telling me that my grandma had fallen and broken her hip that morning. They had planned to do surgery and put a pin in it later that day. As the day wore on I called my mom to see how things were going and was told that they weren't going well. Grandma had developed a fever and she was not breathing well. They decided that they couldn't do the surgery because she would not make it fact her body was now shutting down and she wouldn't make it very much longer. My grandma Larsen passed away early the next morning. How thankful I am that I was in tune to the spirit that day to go visit them! 

It was interesting the night before she passed....I think our whole family was praying that it would be quick and that she would go fast. I had multiple dreams that night about her passing and I woke up around the time that they said she passed and could feel that she was gone. I told my mom about this the next day and she told me that she had a dream as well...that my grandma had been lying in the bed, just as she had that night, but then she got up and started dancing, then she came over to my mom and took her face in hr hands and said "Sandra, I've seen your mom, and she's so beautiful!" This brought me to tears. My Grandma Sorenson passed away 13 years ago, what a comfort to know that she is well.

The viewing and funeral were beautiful. The mortuary did such a great with my grandma and she looked beautiful. It was so great to see all my cousins and family that I haven't seen in so long. It was wonderful to hear my dad sing with his brothers and sisters too. They were able to bring my Grandpa for the family prayer and the funeral. He was in good spirits. I actually don't think he knew why he was there except maybe a party for him. It was nice to be able to see and hug him...even though he didn't know who any of us were. 

My dad gave a beautiful talk at the funeral about the Proclimation on the Family. He then shared the words on a song that describe my grandparents beautifully. 

The Last Touch
Their first touch at 17 was in the park, 
the moon was full: she was beautiful to him, 
and her hair was long and her eyes were blue and her skin was warm; 
she turned to him, and he thought that he knew what love was.

Another touch at 22 on their wedding night, 
the stars were bright: she was beautiful to him, 
and her hair smelled sweet and her lips were full and her skin was warm; 
she turned to him, and he thought that he knew what love was.

Then again at 25 when the baby came, 
and the sun was high: she was beautiful to him, 
and her hair was damp and her fingers shook and her skin was warm; 
she turned to him, and he thought that he knew what love was

Later on at 54 sitting on the porch - 
all the children gone: she was beautiful to him, 
and her hair was gray and her forehead lined, her skin was warm; 
she turned to him, and he thought that he knew what love was.

Their last touch at 85 was by her bed, 
and the moon was full: she was beautiful to him, 
and her hair was thin, her eyes were closed, her skin was cold; 
she turned to him, and he knew now he knew what love was.

After 68 years of laughter and tears, he knew (now, he knew) what love was.

My grandparents were married. Nearly 70 years...had 10 children, 48 grandchildren and 86 great-grandchildren. What a legacy they  have left. Family is everything!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Musings

Wow! It's really been a while since I've updated this blog. I read something recently about taking Sundays to write in your journal and recap the week and look back to see the hand of God in your life over the last that is what I want to try to do. I can't go back and recap the last year or so that I haven't written here, but I CAN start now.

There is an experience that I would like to share tat I had a couple of weeks ago...

January 18th, 2017
"Never postpone a prompting." I've heard these words in church so many times and have learned to heed to them. Over the last few weeks I have felt the prompting to go visit my grandparents. It's been nearly 4 1/2 years since I have seen them. This has been my choice. Both of my grandparents have Alzheimer's and are in a care center and the last time I saw them they were at the beginning stages. I thought that I just wanted to remember them as my grandparents and not what this disease has taken. This morning I felt that prompting so strongly "Go!" As I walked into the living center and saw both of them eating breakfast my grandma looked the most different to me. She has lost so much weight and is just a tiny little thing, yet her eyes are still the same. My Taysom has those eyes. Big, brown caring eyes. It was such a tender mercy that she conversed with us! My mom said it's the most she's seen her communicate in a long time. My grandpa is still telling funny stories and making me laugh. I know they didn't know who I was, yet as I got ready to leave and say goodbye they let me hug them and tell them I love you...both of them said "I love you too." They may be different, but their love is still the same. So thankful I listened to that prompting today.

As I look at my grandparents I realize I have learned so much from them. They were no wealthy in terms of fact just the opposite, yet they were wealthy in family. They had 10 children and from those 10 children came 41 grandchildren and I can't even count how many great-grandchildren. They loved their family and they loved to BE with family. 

I have learned to be a good person. I commented to my mom that it shows my grandparents true characters as I know a lot of older people that get grouchy and use foul language....they don't do that. They are pleasant to be with and I have NEVER heard them say anything bad.

It was such a blessing to see them. I'm so glad that I heeded that prompting. What a blessing it was to see and hug them.

January 28, 2017
It's always in the most random of places and times I have these feelings I call "overwhelming love." Moments when I feel such great love for my husband and children....but also for how blessed my life is. Those moments when life feels perfect. Sitting at a basketball game this afternoon was one of those many moments.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Be Thou Humble

It's amazing how quickly the Lord can humble you in small situations. Ben and I wanted to attend a farewell today for a family member. The church started at 9:00 in Bountiful. Ben has meetings in  the morning and told me to have the family ready by 8:20 so we could leave. 8:30 rolled around and Ben was still not home nor could he be reached. I was getting a little frustrated and by 8:45 decided to go on my own with the kids. All the way up I was having hard feelings that I was having to do this on my own. Ben finally called about 8:55 and said that he was out of his meetings and on his way up. We got to the church, was a little late so we were sitting in the back of the gym on metal chairs. After the sacrament was passed there was a large group of people that walked in to find a seat. Two people I noticed right off the bat. I could tell they were both mentally challenged, one physically challenged and I hate to admit it but I was really hoping they wouldn't sit in the empty chairs next to me. I knew that it would cause questions with my children and I didn't want to deal with that today. Sure enough, both women started to make their way down my row. They sat right next to me. One woman didn't have any teeth, was wearing a helmet and was drooling excessively. Taysom was sitting on my lap and as the women started to get closer to him kept pulling further and further way, asking why she looked the way she did and wearing what she was wearing. During the meeting the woman sitting next to me kept laying her head on my shoulder, leaning into my lap, playing with my necklace and getting into my bag. I was getting a little uncomfortable myself. Then I noticed the other woman got up and walked away. A few min later I heard the sound of water spilling on the floor. I looked to the sister next to me and realized that she had just wet herself and it was now all over the gym floor underneath her. I was a little in shock and didn't know quite what to do. Ben noticed that she was with a group of other people and went out to tell them what had happened. They came in and got her, but left the mess. I didn't know what to do, should I wait until the meeting is over? Finally I decided to go to the restroom and get some paper towels. We found the janitors closet and then I found myself on the floor of the gym, during sacrament meeting cleaning urine of someone I didn't even know. It was at that moment that I had the thought of our Savior, washing  the feet of His Disciples. Washing the feet of someone was the work of the lowliest servant, yet the Savior Himself rose and washed the feet of those who should have been washing His. I was then humbled. Hadn't I just been thinking how annoyed I was that sacrament meeting had been ruined for me? Yet now I was on my knees, cleaning up after someone who in this life may not have a perfect body or mind...yet in the life previous was so perfect and important that she willingly came to earth knowing she would have these challenges just to gain a body. We are all brothers and sisters in this life. Children of our Heavenly Father. When Jesus washed disciples feet, He told them, "I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you." As His followers, we are to emulate Him, serving one another in lowliness of heart and mind, seeking to build one another up in humility and love.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

July Dowload & Update

We got season passes to Lagoon this year, so we spent quite a bit of time there in the evenings. The kids had tons of fun and were such great sports when we went down Rattlesnake Rapids and got completely SOAKED!
 We spent another Summer in swimming lessons this year and Isaac got really good. He even learned how to dive. My kids LOVE the water!
 We had a fun night with the Stone family and went to the Drive-in and saw the new movie Minions....lesson learned though...NEVER go the day it opens! It was crazy busy, but the kids had so much fun playing games and eating yummy food while we waited!
 We had another fun vacation with the Aloi and Neihbur families. We went to Downata Hot Springs in Idaho. We had such a fun time swimming, 4-wheeling, eating yummy food and conquering the Black Hole.

 Kurtis and Lindsey moved to Virginia the beginning of July, so we tried to spend as much time with them as we could. We went to a super fun splash pad with all the cousins and then to Arctic Circle for lunch.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cousin Camp 2015

 July 23-24th. We had lots of fun at this years Cousin Camp. We were missing 2 of our cousins because Kurtis & Lindsey moved to Virginia. (I'm still really sad about it!)

Day 1 was filled with LOTS of water games. We did an obstacle course, a dice water game, a water balloon game, and a water sponge game where you try to hit the sponge in the circles. We had a lunch of sandwiches and fruit and then the kids were all so tired we went home for naps.

 Day 2 we headed to our house for some pioneer just so happened that ALL the dads were out of town! The kids rode "horses," made pioneer toys, had potato sack races where I may or may not have wet my pants, and had a doughnut eating contest. The kids have such a fun time and look forward to it each year. My mom and sisters really put a lot into it!

July 4th Weekend

 July 3rd - Since the 4th of July was on a Saturday this year, Ben had Friday off as well, so we decided to go to the new Black Bear Diner that was just built by us. The wait was really long so the kids were super hungry. Isaac ate the whole plate of food. We had to go Winco after words and he had eaten so much that he needed to puke! Thankfully he made it to the trash can!
We love the fireworks that Uncle Ryan puts on every year, so we could't miss it this year. This is the best fireworks show around.
 On July 4th we started out our day by going to check out swingsets. Then we went for doughnuts. After we got back we headed to the park for fun on the Monster Slide.
 We had to take our annual 4th of July pictures!

 Then as tradition we headed to the Speirs house for  a BBQ and fireworks. This year we got some from Uncle Ryan, so we had quite the show as well.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

June Phone Download

 On the last day of school every year our neighborhood has a "Schools Out" party. Everyone brings goodies to eat and things to play. This kid had 5 cupcakes, 2 cookies, 3 cups of punch and a popcicle. By the time we went home he was totally in a sugar coma. I bet you can't guess what color the cupcakes were!

The first week in June Isaac received his Bobcat award in Cub scouts. He was so excited to get it and then to also get to pin mom. It was also the night of the Pinewood Derby! We were so proud of Isaac because all but actually cutting the car out he did it ALL himself. He designed it, sanded it, painted it, put the wheels on and everything. That wasn't something most of the other boys could say. He was pretty disappointed that his car didn't come in 1st place, but he didn't come in last place either.
Since Ben has been in the Stake Presidency, they have done a Stake Carnival during the summer. It is a BIG activity and gets a great turnout. My kids were so excited to go this year. They boys spent most of their time in the bounce houses and obstical course. Isaac also decided he wanted to do the dunking booth and the kids loved getting their face painted. I loved the picture booth!
 We decided to get season passes to Lagoon this year, so we've spent a good deal of time at Lagoon in June. Usually going we when got off work, that way it wasn't too hot. We have learned that both Kayleb and Kelsie are thrill seekers and love the fast, high rides!
 This little guy just LOVES to put on the goggles! He's not that happy that all the kids except for him, get to take swim lessons this year.

Father's Day was also in June and we are so thankful for Ben. He does so SO much for our family and we would be lost without him!

Ben took the boys to the Stake Father's & Son's so I took Kelsie for her 1st pedicure/manicure. SHE LOVED IT! Although she can't hold still very long, so the had to paint her twice because she kept messing it up! Then we headed to Amanda Speirs and had dinner and watched Pitch Perfect. After the movie we came home and Kelsie slept with me in our big bed...not something we usually let our kids do, so it was a treat for her. It was a fun night with just us girls!

We went to the splash pad for the 1st time this summer and it was a hit! ALL the kids had a great time and it was so fun for me to be able to see them play and not have to worry about them too much!
 Isaac & Kayleb had their summer piano recital and did so well. They each had their pieces memorized and they did a great job performing.
 At the end of June I got to go with Issac to Cub Country. It was a really fun day. He got to joust, shoot a BB Gun, play games and ride a Go-Cart. It was also fun that I got to spend some one on one time with Isaac.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I feel like sometimes in social media all we see are the good times that people have and when you view peoples posts on Favebook/Twitter/Instagram/Blogs all the talk about are the good things that happen and the fun things that they do. I think that's all good, but sometimes its hard because all we see are the perfect posts and perfect pictures and not the real life...everyday stuff. I have been struggling the last month or so. There has been so much contention in my family  and household within the last little bit and it is driving the spirit from my home. I'm pretty sure it's just the end of summer stuff going on, and the kids are getting on each others nerves so they fight..ALL.THE.TIME. I feel like over the last little bit there has not been a time when someone is NOT fighting or yelling or pestering. I know most people would say it's just kids, but I feel like it' more. My kids just CAN'T get along and in turn all I'm doing is breaking up a fight, putting someone in time out, yelling myself because no one is listening. I am at my breaking point. I hate having the contention in my home. I hare yelling myself. I hate feeling like I can't wait for my children to go to school because THEN I'll get a break.

I try all I can to invite the Spirit. I listen to music and General Conference talks, I read my scriptures and Ensign, we read scriptures as a family, and I pray ALL THE TIME that my kids won't fight. I pray for patience, I pray to know how to help them, I pray to know what to do, I pray to have the Spirit.I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm SOOO frustrated and feeling like there isn't an end in site.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Over the last little bit, there have been so many things that I have seem...whether on Facebook or other things that have made me realize and think about how precious and short life really is. As I see these family in who have lost loved ones or who are experiencing trials my heart hurts for them. My heart hurts to see them hurting, but my heart is also hurting to reflect on my own life and trying to put myself into their situations and relalizing that I take so much for granted. There are nights that I kneel to say my prayers and I just want to cry because I haven't been the mom or the wife I want to be. I've let my temper get the best of me, I've said things that I haven't really meant, an I've treated people ways I would never want to. As I look at the families that are experiencing loss or trials I want to be a better person. I want my kids and husband to remember me always lifting them up, not being short in my temper. I know that we always compare our bad with other good, but I want to be better. Life is so precious! Just before my grandmother passed away I heard a song that has stuck with me through the last 10 years...sometimes I have to listen to it to keep myself in check. The last verse always gets to me....

When all is said and done
When my eyes can finally see
Will i glory in the sweet release
And will mercy fill my soul with peace
Will i kneel and wonder at the savior's feet
Will i hear him say, "well done"
When he sees who i've become
Will i live with him
When all is said and done

I want Him to be able to say "well done" to me and to be able to say I lived a happy life and that I did all I was sent here to do.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Kisses for Kycie

Several months ago I, like so many others, learned about the Terry family and started following @kisses4kycie I feel like I took a special interest because I could relate to their family. I only have one daughter myself, she too was the same age as Kycie. She too has beautiful blue eyes and blond hair. She too has a house full of brothers. She too is a sassy, spunky little thing. The first time I heard of Kycie's story my heart ached for her parents. I tried to put myself in their shoes. My prayers and fasting for Kycie and her parents started months and months ago. I faithfully read each post her parents made and even though they were in such time of trial, their posts lifted and encouraged me. They taught me to love my children a little deeper, be a little bit more patient, enjoy every single moment, and to be more specific in my prayers. Last Sunday was fast Sunday and again I fasted for Kycie and her family. As we were sitting around the table later that night my 8 year old son asked me what I was fasting for. I told him about Kycie, my husband mentioned later that night that it was such a great thing to show my children that we can pray and fast for people we don't even know. Today my heart broke as I heard that little Kycie Terry passed away early this morning. The prayers and fasts will continue for her family. However, I am so thankful that her parents have shared this experience with all of us. Anyone who has read and followed the story know how strong her parents are. My testimony has been strengthened by reading their words. They, as do I, know that families are forever. They WILL see her again and she will be that spunky little girl, perfect in every way.